Kestin Cornwall and the team at eLLIPTIC EMPIRE announced that we will be focusing on personal projects for one full year. Kestin Cornwall, Yukiko Otsu and Jon Todd begun to dedicate their attention to personal projects such as illustration, fine art prints, gallery shows and music.

For more recent updates from the eLLIPTIC EMPIRE you can visit our blog page at Kestin Cornwall and the team at eLLIPTIC Empire are currently planning the launch of the new line and label. More updates coming soon!

All of our geh Products are hand screened by the gehARTIST to provide our collectors, Soldiers and Geishas with high quality, original images and limited edition custom product. Our entire product list is currently screened in Toronto, Ontario at the Jerome Jenner/eLLIPTIC Studio Loft. Visit us online at for more information.

A man once told me at a young age as he broke into a car parked at the local shopping center: gbad men do what good men dream.h That statement and scenario stuck with me. I wanted to do something most people would label as crazy, and do things people told me not to. I desired to be like the man who is willing to do what ever I needed and to be the Leonardo da Vinci, the James Todd Smith, the Jean Michel Basquiat, and the Andy Warhol.

Dreams of being the kid that had the nerve to take the 5-cent candy began to flood my mind. As time went on I realized I could devote my attention to art as a way of expressing things I wanted to change, to show what I didnft like in the world, what I loved in the world and what I felt the world was lacking. Art gave me a small taste of freedom and in some way the chance to be that man I desired to become.

In my eyes, elliptic is about waking up next to your girl after partying with your boys until 5am and smelling the scent of the perfume you just bought her. Shefs playing with her hair and you are remembering the first time you laid eyes on her. Itfs about cruising down Lakeshore with the new Truezt and Frozen State track pumping while laughing about whofs paying for drinks that night. Ellipticfs about bombing Queen Street with your latest work right over Spadina for the world to see your free billboard. Itfs about showing up to a Jon Todd show fashionably late with a box of teefs to sell and roll of cash from an illustration job you just did in some old jeans, fresh chucks and a vintage Bulls cap. Itfs about enjoying a Sunday with Yukiko as she shows you her latest painting and blows your mind with the detail and color scheme. Itfs about having beers with your Asian crew, stopping by Lula Lounge for a quick Salsa lesson, chilling with your girlfs rock band and then heading downtown on your new skate deck to meet your boy C who just hopped off the jet from his trip home to Germany.

I grew up in the era of custom teefs, kicks, hats and raw street style, in a part of the world where freedom is a reality. I have been hooked on this lifestyle ever since I bought my first pair of Air-Jordans and a fresh white tee.

My team and I are the ones that looked around our apartment, having just broke up with our girl, rent to pay, dirty dishes and an empty fridge, working at our day job, working at our dream job, working at our best friendfs job, deprived of sleep, worn down and without any chances. We could take the easy road or the for sure route-. The thing is we keep hearing Sarah Makindery in our head yelling: gdream is destiny,h as we push our last stack of chips at the poker table towards the center, flipping our flip-shads down Dwayne Wayne style and saying, eall in.h

I am eLLIPTIC and along side my eFAMILY we are the empire.


Kestin Cornwall
I was raised in the Windsor/Detroit area and attended a local high school. Due to family, I spent a lot of time in Detroit, Michigan, which allowed me to absorb the world of Detroit and itfs unique style. Detroit introduced me to raw street art, electronic music and the thin line between stone broke and well-off.

I airbrushed my first T-shirt at 16, hustled my first Tee at 18. I graduated from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning with a certificate in Art Fundamentals and a diploma in Illustration in 2007. It was in the halls of Sheridan College where I sold my first geh- Ts to fund my tuition and lace my classmates in hot Ts and later hoodies.

Having been inspired by art and impelled to earnestly apply myself throughout my whole life, I knew exactly how I wanted to make a living. In 2003, I started One Eye Five Studios. Over the past few years Ifve added to my skills giving my hands access to a number of medium from ink, acrylics, Photoshop, Illustrator to turntables.

My work has begun to appear around the world. Ifm focused on building a career in Toronto, New York, and Germany, yet I love to keep an open mind for new possibilities.
gArt is Life.h

Jon Todd
I started painting at a young age and ended up attending Sheridan College for illustration and printmaking. As I was going through school I was inspired by the underground street art culture. Over the years I have developed my own unique style influenced by Low Brow, Asian, Mexican and Tattoo art forms.

In the past year my works of art has been shown in galleries and magazines across North America, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arizona, and New York City. My works have also sparked interest internationally.

My goal as an artist is to push the boundaries of society's view of fine art, through a persons clothing on the street or a unique painting in a gallery.

Yukiko Otsu
Art has been with me throughout my life; from how I dress to the food I prepare to eat. I want to share my inspiration and joy through the beauty of art for those around me. I have a love of multiple mediums however fashion and digital art are my two preferences.

I graduated from Sheridan College for Computer Animation, having also completed a 3-year Interpretive Illustration course.

I recently started fashion design, making my own skirts, dresses and handbags while looking for other ways to display and showcase my work.

Form Of Flattery
Offensive, beautiful, filthy, lewd ? these are just a few words that described his work. Form Of Flattery (Azar Awad) has made the transition from brick walls, streetcars and abandoned buildings to gallery walls, design and screen-printing. He is obsessed with gender, vice, Palahniuk, art and War.

Azar works closely with Kestin Cornwall of Elliptic Clothing Company, Jon Todd and Jerome Jenner, founders of Jerome Jenner Gallery.


Love and War

The color red is a stimulant, red is the hottest of the warm colors. Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure.

Red is power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs, as well as the usage of red in multiple national flags.

Flashing red lights denote danger or emergency. We have red stop signs and stoplights to get the driverfs attention and alert them to the dangers of the intersection.

In some cultures, red denotes purity, joy, and celebration. It is the color of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck. Red is often the color worn by brides in the East, while it is the color of mourning in South Africa.

In Russia the Bolsheviks used a red flag when they overthrew the Tsar, thus red became associated with communism.
The red Ruby is the traditional Fortieth Wedding Anniversary gift.

What is RED to us? What exactly is *RED WORLD ORDER?...

Well youfll just have to wait to see.